Emailing a list of items

I have an order system. People can select one of a 5 options to add to their order, then “send” it. At this point an email goes to our group with the items the people want.

How can I email the grid that contains their selections?

I know I can send the email, but the number of items are not consistent. And the system may end up with more options in the future.

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For you order system, I’m assuming here that your users submit a Form with the option that they would like to order and then an email rule is configured to email your group with the items your people want. In that email rule, you can configure the message of the email to have the URL for the page with the grid that contains their selections.

Example screenshot:

If this information doesn’t help you, please consider reaching out to our support team for further assistance and they will be happy to help you find a solution!

Thank you for sharing and have a great week! :slight_smile:

Thank you… I added the link to the email, but I’m not receiving the email. I removed the link, and still not getting the email. I know on some forms you can look at the email history at the top of the left panel. But I’m not seeing it here - Is it because I’m using an Action to initiate the emai? How can I track an email sent from an Action?

Good question! Currently, email history is not available with emails sent with action links, but the feature request for this to be implemented has been shared with our Product team. :slight_smile:

Also, all emails are sandboxed on Trial accounts which means the email will not be sent.

If you’re not on a trial account, and you’re having issues with the deliverability of emails or are finding that emails sent through your Knack app are ending up in customer’s spam folders, you may need to get your domain on our email whitelist. Please contact our support team by using the chat widget in the Builder or by submitting this form for instructions on how to get this set up.

For reference, here’s our KB article on Sending Emails.

OK, I must have fat-fingered the email or something.

I now get the email. I’m not getting the tables emailed, just the link. As you mention I’m reaching out to the support team…

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Ah, I think I understand now what you’re wanting to have in the message of the email- are you wanting the Grid view itself to show up in the email? If so, unfortunately that is not possible. The URL will only direct email recipients to the Live App page where the grid view can be seen.

If that’s not what you are hoping for, my apologies. Our support team can help find a better solution for your goals here. Thank you for the update and for reaching out to support- they will be happy to help!

So, I’ve got to ask… If I’m going to an ecommerce site, like and purchase a Lamay Stylus, which I did last night. The first thing it does is email me a copy of the order, I think it would be expected in any ecommerce site. Does this require that we enable the ecommerce system? Are there alternatives; can I generate a PDF and attach, or something else?

Hi @LeithalAgent, unfortunately there are no native methods of outputting child records via email (I’m sure there have been many feature requests), which leaves you with a few alternatives:

  1. Add some JavaScript to loop through each child record in a nested table, and append to a rich text field in a HTML table format
  2. Use an automation tool like Make or Zapier to listen for a form submit, loop through the child records, append to a Google Doc/Word template, export as PDF, and attach/send via email.

If you’d like some help with that, feel free to message me or refer to the Knack Experts network.

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Thank you very much for the pointers. Having Java would be the preferred solution since I could keep this all in one place. And since this is a small company they are looking to minimize costs. I got an “OK” for Knack after justifying with the deprecation of Zapier.

I’ve been developing for about 45 years, but mostly on iSeries systems using RPG/DDS/CL/SDA… I used 6502 assembly, basic and C++ way back when… I’ll take a look at JS and see what I can find. If it’s not too onerous I might be able to put something together I might be able to do something.

I might ping you back…