Knack Not Sending Emails

Hello all. Is anyone else experiencing any glitches with Knack not sending emails? I'm about to launch our app for a client and now none of the notification emails I've set up are being sent. 

I've submitted a ticket, but support is so slow these days, I thought I would ask here to see if I'm the only one. I can't see how it's on my end, though (the emails should be sent every time a form is submitted, and I've checked spam, but received nothing).

Of course this would happen on the day I told the client we'd launch. :(

I suggest that you use zapier for email handling is more efficient ( 

my emails are sending; in fact i just updated my email prefs a few days ago. 

would enjoy collaborating on this issue and how to acquire clients etc. 

In case anyone is interested, Knack Support helped me identify the problem. I had copied the "From email" from a page with HTML and it pasted extra characters into some of the fields, making it impossible to send emails. I had run a few random tests, which worked fine, but they weren't all fine.

Phew! A bit of a pain to fix, but at least there's a fix and I can prevent it from happening again.

You said you can't see what's happening in your end? Did you try looking at the email delivery history for that form? That should give you some extra information about what's happening to those emails.