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Perhaps not a direct Knack issue/question BUT - I want to send out some emails from knack to customers, and put a button in the email that lets them directly email back to a specific address - creating the email is easy and Ive done it loads of times with knack BUT not sure how to pop a button that emails back — I guess it can be done with an HTML button that I can embed in the email but not sure on how to do that - does anyone have any ideas please?

thanks - (Andrew UK)

Could you not add to the email rule a “Reply To” option so when the user hits reply it goes back to that address rather than the address you sent the email from. I know this isn’t a button but it would achieve the same result.

Hi Carl,

Yes I did consider this, but thought I’d ask about the other solution first :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply.


Andrew Steele

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