Send email to knack app to insert record

A nice feature that is often available with helpdesk software (e.g zendesk) is that you can send an email to specific email address and it will insert a record in the application. It would be very handy if knack could do this also.

I know this could be tricky to implement when the data model for each knack app is different, but it would be great if:

  • Each knack app could have a receiving email address
  • Each app could have a single table that the email is communicating with
  • Email would parse out Subject, Body and Sender and insert to mapped fields in the specified table.
  • Received email/inserted record could trigger a reply email to the sender.

Advanced features could be that the email could also include a jpg attachment that is also inserted to a mapped field. The reply email could reject if the size exceeded limits or if the sender email address did not already exist as a user.

I'm thinking of app that will allow end-users to make submissions easily without logging on.

Great idea!


Yes Zoho Creator has this per table from memory and I would also like it in Knack for create and update/linked object so find an existing ticket and add a reply in the Helpdesk use case using the subject data and a unique ID.

Today we have to use Zapier to do this for Knack but attachments are tricky as Knack uses a two step process.