Exporting from Reports pivot tables

Ability to export the pivot table results in reports as you can with records.

As a business user, I would like to export the pivot tables generated by my employees to share with my superiors at the end of a reporting cycle.

Agree -  I really need a way to export pivot tables to Excel as well.  Seems like a major oversight - you have given us a way to generate a dashboard, but no way to further use the information on the dashboard.   Its pretty disappointing to explain to clients that "Knack doesnt let me export this data".  

I would also really like to be able to export pivot tables - this would be much more user-friendly than current set up, where pivot tables cannot be exported nor printed. Thank you for considering this request!

This would be a very useful feature to have

I NEED to be able to export the Pivot tables!!!  PLEASE MAKE THIS POSSIBLE...I love Knack!  

Reviving this old thread to gain some additional insight as we explore this feature request. If anyone’s still out there. :slight_smile:

Would like feedback on the following:

  1. File formats needed
    (do you need csv, json and txt or just one of those?)
  2. Where these files are headed
    (excel is assumed, any other end points?)
  3. What the expectation is for how a csv would be formatted
    (1:1 with what’s displayed in the live app, with or without column and row summaries?)

Appreciate the additional supporting evidence to make sure we understand the need here!

I too am being asked why this screen doesn’t export, when others do.s Sating that pivot tables are different doesn’t buy me anything with my team. I would have expected that the Export functionality should be seamless between all types of tables, and that column sorting also behave the same.
Hopefully the Knack team will support the fundamental rule of consistent UI design, and provide the same basic level of interface functionality regardless of whether one is a table and the other is a pivot table.
Just my 2 cents.