Exporting from Reports pivot tables

Ability to export the pivot table results in reports as you can with records.

As a business user, I would like to export the pivot tables generated by my employees to share with my superiors at the end of a reporting cycle.

Agree -  I really need a way to export pivot tables to Excel as well.  Seems like a major oversight - you have given us a way to generate a dashboard, but no way to further use the information on the dashboard.   Its pretty disappointing to explain to clients that "Knack doesnt let me export this data".  

I would also really like to be able to export pivot tables - this would be much more user-friendly than current set up, where pivot tables cannot be exported nor printed. Thank you for considering this request!

This would be a very useful feature to have

I NEED to be able to export the Pivot tables!!!  PLEASE MAKE THIS POSSIBLE...I love Knack!