Pivot Tables should have formulas analyzing table results

I'd really like the ability to create formula columns in pivot tables to get them to work more similarly to an excel table. In particular "if" and "sumif" formulas that can look at table results and output various results depending on the results it sees on the table.

I can get formulas into the individual records and then have some basic sum type functions for the pivot table but there is a lot I'm not able to do with that, such as a table that's going to want to pull only particular sets of records and then perform different calculations to only that group. That's not a field I can add in individual records.

Basically, I've gotten used to having very customizeable Excel worksheets that display data we use both for internal analysis and client side reporting and I'd like to move that functionality into Knack and out of Excel entirely. Right now we're still heavily dependent on Excel sheets for calculations Knack cannot do.


+1 This should be high on the list of priorities for the short term roadmap