Pivot Table - selected column summaries

Hope someone can help.
I want to put a total on just one specific column in a pivot table; it seems if you add column summaries it will sum EVERY numeric column - which in some cases is not relevant. EG, I have a pivot table of multiple currencies, with a face value sum, a payout calculation sum and an exchange rate average. Only the payout caculation needs to be totalled and if the others are, its completely irrelevant info (and confusing) info.

Here’s my table currently:

And here’s the table set up:

Oh - If I could also change the column headers that would be great!

I can do all this on a grid in Knack, I can do this on a pivot table in Excel, but cant figure it out on a pivot table in Knack!

Any advice please - maybe there’s a bit of code I can use?

Many thanks


Hi @Lesley - I’m not a coder but the below may help move you forward. I’m sure there is a more elegant method so hopefully others will jump in :sunglasses:

Pivot Table - selected column summaries - 3 mins

Oh that’s amazing, worked like a dream - thank you so much Carl! Much appreciated!

Happy Christmas :christmas_tree:

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Hey @Lesley - if you’re happy with the solution please mark this thread as “solved” :white_check_mark:

Yep - found the tick box now!

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Thank you, have a great Christmas and happy Knacking :rocket: