Row Summaries. No value, no clear column

Row summaries are useful, yet not right.

1. If I have a numeric column (of, say, money) and the sum is zero, then instead of showing $0 in the row summary, the table displays " " (blank). The column should display $0.

2. In configuring row summaries, there is no identifier to indicate which column I want to be summarized. If I have a table with 5 numeric columns, but only need one of them summarized, I can't select just that column. The row summaries configuration just lets me change the row-title and the operation (sum, count, average, ..)

Please add support to select the column, and to show the correct value for a sum of $0.

Thanks Sergi, yes I noticed that a few days ago and realized that this solved my request.

About your problem number 2. You can select which column you want to summarize. If you edit the columns properties can select ALLOW SUMMARY (YES or NO).