Summaries in search tables

Would be great if we can have a summaries row on the bottom of search table results, as well as just tables.

I had one page that was essential to our app that needed a search table summary, I ended up using the services of Robert Smith (DataCove) who did it using Java and CSS - what he did works perfectly fine and the service was quick and seamless but its a shame we had to pay a third party for what should be such a core function in a product that oozes functionality in many areas.

PLEASE, IMPLEMENT this feature!. Is not a new feature, simply add the option of summaries of normal tables to the search result tables

100% agreed! This request is from 2014! And it's absolutely simple and necessary. Knack gives a lot of possibilities, but regarding tools update, we are missing a lot...

Knack... we've not heard from you guys in a while are you still there? May we, as your loyal customers, request you assign one of your engineers to spend half of her time every week fixing simple things like this?

Unfortunately it's not amazing lol @guilhermebastian2. It's a trend if you look through these forums. And yet support will tell you to post your product requests and ideas here. If I wanted to write a message no one was going to care about, I could do that anywhere.

This request is from 2014! It's amazing that something like this was not implemented yet...

Please ADD THIS .... it's so annoying that this is only present on the default table view, we need this on the search, it's SO useful, for ex:

When querying tables using dates or other records and we then want to see the resulting table with Sums or other calculations on any numeric record.

I am doing a financial validation, where the accountant uses search to input some queries to global data and then gets a table with the information he needs..... except that the "Value" column does not have a SUM and we need to export the table to open it on excel to make an autoSum on that column.... this makes no sense.

Screaming for this one - PLEASE!

I desperately need this!

Agree - I have submitted the same request a while back

We need this!

This is a must. Please add? Thanks!

Has anyone been able to add summary totals for search view columns?

A long time coming, but I’m happy to follow up here to share that column summaries are now available on Search views. Learn more and share your feedback here: Column Summaries Now Available on Search Views. Thanks!