Excel Integration Addin - any interest for this?

Hi all,

I've built a proof of concept Excel Addin and I'm gauging interest in developing this further.  I'm thinking it'd perform:

  • Direct connections with multiple Knack Apps.
  • Creation of Worksheets & Tables using the Knack API, and no need for CSV exports from the UI.
  • Table data refresh.

We're already using it for some complex data analysis in Excel & Access for reporting using tables, pivot tables and charts.
Anyone interested in something like this?

Hi all,

Thanks for your interest but I've abandoned this work finding a quicker way through Excel web queries and Power Query coding.

To get started read through the excellent post by Stephen Chapman and Miguel Gutierrez here https://support.knack.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000593232-Power-BI-or-Tableau-Integration 

Hi Brad,

I'm also very interested in this.
Has there been progression since your last update 6 months ago.
Would love to trial it's current version if possible.



Hi Brad,

thanks for the quick reply, understand that you are busy (same here :-) We would already be happy to have something that could 'read' knack data straight into excel - updates of the tables are not immediately necessary..

Would you be inclined to share what you already have ?

An update:

I've been slowed down by my usual job (I'm a CFO and currently transforming a business) so there's been no real updates to my working prototype that we use.  It needs work to implement table updates for example.

I'm now considering other options to get this moving forward...

Hi Brad,

Any updates on this ? Would be great to have something working soon...