Enabling Filter Buttons and Standard Filter Menu

Not sure if anyone else was having this problem or if it was just us.

When we initially built our app, I had designed the main page to include only filter buttons. However this created frustration, as our users would need to filter past the buttons. 

We recently created and rolled out a function that lets any knack developer customize their view's filter buttons to help their users refine their search results, while still enabling functionality to customize their filters. 

You'll notice below, that both the filter menu and the filter buttons are available to refine the table.


In this photo, you'll see the user still has access to their standard filters. 


This is all customizable and built with our Javascript library. It's as easy as building an array of filter references. 



Standard issues with other solutions I've seen:

  • When you build custom filters like this, the whole page reloads and drops the filters you've applied
  • Other solutions don't carry over the selected values the right way
  • Other solutions add make your URL string and query params absolutely disgusting
  • Only works on the legacy Knack Themes

Think this could add value in your Knack app(s)? See the demo here. 

Or e-mail me directly. taylor@digitaloperatingsolutions.com

Updated: See the demo here.