Introducing Public Filters - a KTL feature to share filters with all app users

Hi to all,

If you are annoyed by the limitations of filter menus that only have one field and without AND/OR operators, then you will find Knack Toolkit Library new feature called Public Filters very useful. They are the same as User Filters but created by special users and that are visible to everyone.

When users having the Public Filters role create their user filters, they can right-click the assigned button to open the popup menu, where an option is shown: Public: Yes/No. Clicking on it will broadcast the new filter to all users. Within about 10 seconds, they will see it appear on the opened page with that view. The Public Filters are always located to the left of the other filters with a slightly increased contrast and kept in the same order as the creator’s. They can’t be renamed, deleted or re-ordered by regular users.

To use this feature, you must go through a short setup procedure - see documentation for details.

Normand D.