Rules and conditions

I’m missing the ability to add to a rule.

Need AND and OR.


Show me only Ford cars AND Chevy cars that are either red OR blue and are between 2019 and 2022.

Haven’t found a way to do that.
According to the documentation Knack looks at the first condition and if it matches…the rule ends there.

What am I missing?

Hi Ed,

Would you mind sharing where you’re trying to set the rules? Or are you trying to set a grid filter?

In general, Views’ filter feature only allows filtering by ‘and’ or ‘or’, not both.

However, you can use our Search View to potentially get the desired result. In the Search View, you can update the input settings for the car and color fields so that you can search by multiple options. You can also set it to match all options or to match any option. We would recommend setting it to match any option.

Below is an example screenshot:

Let us know if this is not the rule you’re looking for and where you’d like it to be set.


Yep. That worked and was exactly what I needed.

Ed Cooper

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