Knack Beta Theme - Help for Display Rules not working

I noticed while using the Knack Beta Theme that some of my hide and show display rules were not working. It appears that the new beta theme is not currently compatible with Yes/No Choice Fields.

An easy workaround is to create a Multiple Choice Field with the Yes/No Radio Buttons. Visually I think it is the same and it is compatible with display rules while using the beta theme.

Hi Laura, not completely related to the above, but I noticed that the 'Set Text Color' rule for table columns in the beta theme doesn't seem to be working.

Landin -

We fixed a display rule yesterday with Yes / No fields as radio buttons that were not properly triggering display rules. Please send in an email to if your particular issue was not addressed with this fix, thanks!

Hi Landin -

Would you mind sending us some details in about your setup / where you're seeing this to We're still working through things on this beta theme and want to make sure we have them all addressed. Thanks!