Display Checkmark without Text?

How do I display the Yes/no field without any text in the table’s Yes/No column? I only want to see a checkmark if yes. IOW’s I don’t want to see the word “Yes”.


Okay, the best I could do was to set the text color to white if Yes and hide the value if no. That’s not too bad but I can’t center the checkmark in the column (even if right aligned) because the text still exists.


Hey @PeterJurgen - Hopefully this will help :blush:

Display Icon without Value - Knack Database

Thanks Carl. Honestly, that did occur to me. The fly in the ointment is this field is editable in the table. So if I add an icon field I won’t be able to edit it. But thanks. BTW, I love your videos.

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Possible solution: Try creating a multiple choice field with only one option. Set that options field to <i class="fa fa-check" style="font-size: 1.25em; margin-right: 0.4em; color: #2ab27b;"></i> then under “Layout” choose check boxes. From there you can center it from page editor

That’s a very clever solution Alex. Just wondering what he downside might be? I added an update rule to the add form and I get this:
Custom Check Glitch