Checkbox for Boolean fields

A plain checkbox would be more usable than a dropdown menu for boolean fields (one click instead of two). If one wants a dropdown menu, they can use the Multiple Choice type.

I agree wih all of you, it's really important future!

We would still really like checkboxes in the table. We work with a lot of checklists and it would be great to save those clicks!

Thanks for all the info Brad!

Agreed on the checkbox still Graeme.

Otherwise I'd start looking at other ways to achieve this:

  • Keep the table display rules and use CSS to remove the alternate row colours, and add borders (I do this a bit).
  • Keep the table rules and use JavaScript to remove the text 'No' and 'Yes' from the table fields but keep the icons.
  • Add an extra field for each of your Yes/No fields that displays icons using conditional text (and icons using simple HTML to display them <i class="fa fa-check"></i>). I've done this too but it'd get out of control with the number of fields you have I think.

Here's some good table border CSS tricks from the community

And CSS to make even numbered table rows white:

.kn-table tr.even {background-color: white !Important;}


Thanks Brad, again, almost a great solution (I thought that by doing that it would make the icon white also and therefore invisible, but you can colour text and icon individually). If only the 'Hide value' option worked to hide the text but allow the icon to show - unfortunately it hides both. Anyway, my remaining problems are:

1. Where the alternating grey rows exist, you can see the white 'yes' text on the grey (see screenshot).

2. Because the 'yes' text is still there (albeit almost invisible), the column is marginally wider than it actually needs to be - because I have so many columns, I need the table to be as narrow as possible to fit on my screen. And 'Yes' is obviously slightly wider than a checkbox or icon would be.

So getting closer, but it'd still be a major bonus if a one-click checkbox option was available!

Thanks a lot

Graeme, you’re right - I did mean ‘display rules’ and sorry about the confusion. Bit rusty.
How about using display rules to show a tick or cross, and set the text colour to white to hide it?

Thanks Brad. Your suggestion is a good one and it could work. Using conditional rules though would mean (I think) I'd need to create a new field for each of the ones in this table and set it to change according to the value of the original fields. That's a lot of work and a dozen more fields in my object (I already have dozens and it's getting a bit crazy). Also, this is only one of several tables like it that I have in my app so I'd have to create probably 30 or 40 more fields to make it work universally in all of my tables - would take ages and also clutter up my object something crazy. I thought for a moment you meant using the 'display rules' in the table, and I suddenly thought - oh, that could work! But then on trying it, I can't get the 'Yes' or 'No' values to disappear - if I choose to 'display icon', it shows the icon AND the 'yes' or 'no' - defeating the point.

So in short (unless I'm missing something), my original suggestion still stands - again also from the 'one click' point of view that James has mentioned. thanks!

I can see what you mean but that would only solve the visual aspect. We would like to be able to inline edit a checkbox without the little popup to check the checkbox. So just a checkbox in a table and be able to check it with just one click.

But you are right Brad the add checkboxes to table is a good one. But it would be great if they could make the checkbox visible in a table and editable with just one click.

I'd use the newer (since this post) conditional rules in tables to add an icon (tick or cross) with colour to achieve what you want here visually. There is some code in the forums for adding checkboxes to tables and handling the updates but that's only for one checkbox per row.

We would use this feature too!

It's great this has been added. A further enhancement would be if the checkbox itself (checked or unchecked) could display in the tables instead of 'yes' or 'no'. It would make my table below a lot more compact and also more readable at a glance. It would also be great if ticking the checkbox inline updated the record without the need for a pop up / second click for submit.