Not sure which field to use?

Hi all,

I am getting on very well with my latest Knack app (with thanks to Carl Holmes in particular!). Just one thing has me stumped at the moment and it’s preventing me moving on.

What field type do I need to add for an uneditable button/icon that shows the status of something? For example, approved, rejected, pending etc. It’s something that will change based on form submission rules I have already set up. My existing system that I am moving from has coloured buttons that appear in the grid dependent on the outcome.

I initially tried multiple choice, but that is obviously user input. So I need something that will act as an icon, but can’t find which one to use.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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This could be an option.

Display Icon without Value - Knack Database


Thanks Carl, that is very helpful and will be used for the next step. The main point is though is what type of field would I have to use for a range of three possible outcomes to be displayed?

I originally used dropdown, but that didn’t work because it is for a user input. I’ve just checked my current app and it shows as a field with a radio button, so I will give that a try and see if it works. I can then add the icons as you suggested.

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Without looking at the setup, you could simply add a short text field and set conditional rules based on your multi-choice fields options. The text formula will display the text as read only as it’s a formula so you can add the field to a table view.


Thanks Carl, that is what I did in the end and it worked as planned. :grinning:

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Hi Chris,
If I understand your need I believe I use a similar type of arrangement in my main table in our system.
Our scenario is we have flags to denote whether CERTAIN INFORMATION on a soldiers service record is available has been entered or not and use conditional formatting of an appropriate icon conidtional display with to confirm whether it has or has not been entered.

This field within the table can be set to editable or not editablev or even a link to another screen from within the line of the table.

In this instance below it is related to the details of his decease.

If they have been entered we set the ICON value in the deceased column to Green, if not RED.
(Traffic light system if you will).

So this uses the Display Rules to determine the status of a particular item to determine whether to display RED or GREEN in this case it is based on the Date of Decease (field name Deceased).
If there is no known date it the field is blank and will result in a red icon.
If there is a date it will show the icon in green.


Hope this helps

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Just to confirm in the above the arrows are in developer mode and show that clicking the icon goes to a popup screen where these details can be added or changed but you probably dont need that.

The resultant output screen from the users perspective is shown below as an example.
Incidentally the first column uses color coding to show the qualification status (of which there are 6) of the soldier. Green qualified, Red not qualified, orange not yet confirmed etc etc)


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Thank you Ray, that is a really helpful and informative post, thank you for taking the time to post it.

I now have the issued sorted, but the icons in developer mode look very good, something definitely to look at!