Multiple Choice & HTML

Hi all, 

SO to preface- I have absolutely no coding knowledge (and have really come to honor that it is like a second language) after some issues with trying to get Knack to handle one of my jobs, I decided to venture into the world of embedding and started embedding the knack database directly into my WP HTML blocks, which was working beautifully until I got to my forms. When I go into a form, the multiple choice selections are that the choices show up, but selecting them doesn't.

As shown here with a drop down:



Where the gender selection shows up, but once a selection is made the field appears blank- even though rules change accordingly, it would just be confusing to a user to see a blank space in that line. 

Additionally, for check boxes it appears as follows:


Where each green link is actually a checkbox, you can see that the checkboxes don't appear. Again, I believe all my rules once a choice is selected works, it just doesn't appear. 

I am just using the code generated by knack and have tried updating with some other codes, but honestly I'm not sure I am adding in the right location and none of the additional codes are working.