Multiple Choice Field - STOP SORTING IT

Hi Folks

Have an issue with multiple choice fields.
In our database we have field for Italian, German and Japanese POW Camps.
Each Camp had a Numeric designation as well as a location.
There is no logic to the order the men were imprisoned so I need the selection to remain in the order they were chosen. Knack seems to sort them Alpha-Numerically which of course throws everything out of kilter
The dates would dictate the order if we were storing them but determing the dates is next to impossible with very few clear records of when it occured

So our problems simplified is
Multiple Chioce Field - we select Z, O, D, N, E, H, A, S in the order we require.

When its displayed afterwards it becomes A E D H N O S Z

Arggghhhhhhhh oh how I long for multi value fields from old relational database systems.

Any clues suggestions greatly appreciated


Hi @RayWindlow47079

At first I thought you were meaning the order in which the options were displayed for entry in a multi choice field:

However that is simply a matter of selecting the Custom sort option for the field so now I am thinking that you want to be able to select multiple options from a list and have them displayed in the order in which you selected them (in other words a sorted list of Camps a person had been in)?

If so, you should be looking at creating a child object with the camp (i.e. one record per camp) and have an auto increment field in this object which you then use to sort:

Does this help?


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Hi Julian
Thanks for the reply and yes I am rapidly facing that conclusion also and experimenting currently.
Unfortunately the source of info on the imprisonment is sparce and dates are not accurate enough.
We know what camps they were but often they transit one camp on the way to another.

Such a shame they just dont store the data in which it is input and leave any sort to subsequent display instructions would have made life a heck of lot eeasier.
Thanks for your input