Apply "Alphabetical" sort on multiple choice fields when new options are added (not just on import)

Currently the "alphabetical" sort option on multiple choice fields only applies to when new records are added through an import. This is a confusing. It does not trigger and re-sort options when adding options manually through the Builder, Live App, etc.

If I choose "Alphabetical", click save on the field, I expect it to re-sort my existing choices, but that doesn't happen.

Knack added this "alphabetical" sort option as a way to prevent re-sorting when users want it a specific order. If you have it set to "Alphabetical" it will re-sort the options after every import.

There should be a higher level of customization here - alphabetical always (when records are added from anyplace) or alphabetical only after import (when you might be adding a large batch of new options).


100% agreed. The lack of auto sorting options added manually through Builder, Live App, etc. is forcing me to create entirely new objects just to sort my multiple choice fields. Doing that, however, brings about its own set of unique complexities. Please implement this feature.