Option to arrange fields and multi-choice fields alphabetically

Been thinking for a while that it would be great to be able to order an object's fields alphabetically if desired. Having said this, I would probably want a degree of flexibility (ie. ability to keep a particular field at the top) so if it could be a flexible 'one-off' type of sort that could be manually overridden afterwards that'd be good.

Also, with multiple choice fields, auto-alphabetising would be great. (While I'm here, I think you used to be able to reorder multi-choice fields by drag and drop, I think now you can only reorder by using 'quick edit' which involves copying and pasting and is a bit of a drag).

Is this not a bug - for me the same, would like to have sorting in tables at least according to the specified sort order of the database, even if grouped. This does NOT seem to work now.s

Also I should have added - in connected fields, even though the 'default sort order' for the connected records is 'Alphabetical A-Z', they always seem to display in lookups and filters sorted by date added or something.