Custom Sort Order for Multiple Choice Fields

I'd love to be able to set a custom sort order for Multiple Choice fields if I'm displaying them in a table and choosing to 'group common records based on this field's value'. Currently you can select A -> Z or Z -> A, but no other options.

Even permitting them to be sorted according to their order in the field in the builder would help.

I think you could just add a 2nd sort level under the Data Source tab, so that it sorts first by the sort order, then by alpha. That way if you have only one city per sort order 1-3, those will show up first then all the cities with sort order 10 will get listed below 1-3 and sorted by alpha. In my example I'm sorting first by Sort Order then by US State, but same idea for cities. 

You could also set up a conditional rule on your SortOrder field that says if the city 'is not' or 'does not contain' one of your top/important cities, it automatically gets assigned to SortOrder 10. 



You have done exactly what i did, but different reasons. I want to have a list of locations, with some first (i will add an * to illustrate top ones) , but then the rest sorted alphabetically.. e.g. where in uk are you?    *London, *Manchester, *Birmingham, Aberdeen, Brighton, Chester, Dublin, Exeter, Farnborough etc.

so London, Manchester and Birmingham have a sort order of 1,2,3, and all others have a sort order of 10.

The issue is unless i enter them alphabetically in the table, i cannot sort the items with sort order of 10 alphabetically, they display in the order in which i enter them, which is a pain if i miss a location. I know i could manually add a sort order for each item, but far from ideal. 

any thoughts?

I have a workaround for this which might help. I created an additional numeric field called 'SortOrder' with conditional values that are automatically set depending on which multiple choice option is selected.

i.e. If Priority is 'High", SortOrder is set to 1, if Medium -> 2, if Low -> 3. You can then choose that SortOrder column to sort by in the Data Source tab of whatever view you're working on. Might not work more complicated scenarios but it's worked well in the few relatively simple cases I've needed it for. 

Plus two! 

Plus one! 

Hi, Yea this is something I was looking for too. 

e.g. I have a multiple choice field called Priority with choices "High", "Medium", "Low". 

But when I tabulate my list and rank them by "priority", I get it ranked by alphabetical order instead. So I get "High", "Low", "Medium". 

So if I can make it rank "High", "Medium", "Low".. that would help. Thank you! 

This is a fantastic idea, and a feature that many Excel users are very familiar with and would expect it to be part of the Knack product offering.