Sort fields in the builder

Hello knachos

It might be something basic I’m missing, but I can’t find the answer anywhere:
Is there a way, in the builder, to easily organize the fields? Like automatically put them in alphabetical order or such?
(I know you can individually drag and drop, but that is crazy tedious when an object has dozens of fields)

Nope, you’re not missing anything. :wink:

The only option to organise the order of your fields is manually via “drag and drop”. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever needed to organise them alphabetically. :thinking:

It’s worth mentioning that when you “click” to add a new field it will go to the bottom of the list. If you drag and drop it you can place it where required.

When I’m building an application I’ll try to add my fields in the same running order that I want them to appear in the live app. That way when I add a form or a view I can quickly add the fields in the correct order like: Name, Address, Phone, Email, Job Title etc.

Well thank you for your answer.

And you are way more organized than me in building an app :wink:

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