Re-order pages within the page tree

As a Builder, I would like to able to re-order pages within the page tree so that I can move pages into a logical order.

Scenario: when building a new app, unless you've planned out every single page and workflow in your app, when you add new pages later, they are listed at the bottom of that page grouping, rather than in the order that they are actually in the tree in your app.

yes, it would be nice to reorder within the tree. I'll throw in my vote.

Hi Tony, I am hoping to change the order of the items within the page folder list - in the builder. Currently I cannot drag these.

I am not sure if this is what you are looking for but you can move them in the builder by just dragging them into the correct order.

They then appear in the same order in the live app.

I agree!

In the new Builder, moving views on a parent page will re-order them in the page tree.

So if you have a menu view with three child pages off of it, re-order the menu buttons, and you’ll see the child pages updated (reload the Builder or move between Schema and Pages to see change).

Hope that helps! Let us know if any further improvements or new functionality is needed.