Re-Ordering Drop Down Menu Items

A fairly minor one, but being able to alter the order that items appear under a drop-down menu would be fairly effective.
For example, I'd like to have View Jobs appear above New Job, but the Page Manager doesn't allow it to be reordered.

Any progress on this - it really is painful and the work around really isn't an ideal option as it involves temporarily breaking up the system. Also, once re-ordered, I find they get out of order again after a few additions. I don't even try to do this anymore.

I'm using drop down menus more and more - this is sending me crazy!!

Menu issues- How do I alphabetize the sub-menu items under its respective menu. I don't see a way to do this. I find it kind of clunky. It would be great if you create the menu and drag & drop in the order you want to it to appear. The same way you can organize a form. This should be a priority to update this. 

This should be treated as a navigation function. Most site building apps have this in them. Essentially it is a non-database function it is an organizational function similar to navigation on a website. This should be a priority in my opinion.   

Thanks for your response Chris! You are correct that at this time to re-order pages in dropdown menus, they need to be removed from the dropdown menu, re-ordered in the page tree, and then re-added to the dropdown menu. Making this simpler is a good idea for a next round of improvements on the dropdown menu feature.

That's probably the best solution.
I was under the impression that it'd take ordering into it's own hands. Cheers Chris.


You're correct in that the page manager doesn't let you re-order when using the dropdown menu, but if you take options out of the menu, reorder them in the builder, then add them back in, it works. Its a pain, but its a workaround.