Dropdown items order

How can I arrange the items in a page dropdown so they’re not in alphabetical order but instead the order I want to display.


Hi Ed

I believe you are using KTL you will need to turn this feature off. You can find how to do this here.


Can you point me to which onw I turn off?

This is what I have in API and CODE.
I’m not a dev so can you please give me what I need to accomplish this?

Copy the contents of the “KTL_Customization.js” file and paste it immediately underneath the KTL loader.

You can then set “sortedmenus” to false.

You can also switch off other pre-baked features that may not work for you.

For instance I like to have “selTextOnFocus” set to false so when you open a form and click into a field it doesn’t select all the text.

Thanks Carl for following it up.

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Thanks again!!

Wow! This is great stuff!

Can you explain this:
developerNames: [‘Firstname Lastname’], //Add your name here to get super powers!

Hi Ed you can add your name as it appears in the app.
It means you can bypass some of the added security around the dev pop up for non developers.


Ah. Thanks.

Is there a way I can get notified if there are changes or new features added or a roadmap? This stuff is great.

Yes you can sign up to GitHub and follow this discussion

There is also the Wiki here

Thanks Craig.
You’ve been very helpful in our quest to make our apps the best they can be.

Using the KTL, when a user saves a filter, is that local to the user or does it show for all users?

Hi Ed

It’s local to the user. There is an advanced option called public filters but that takes quite a bit of setup.


Ok thanks Craig.

Ed Cooper

Ok thanks

Ed Cooper

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