1 line code snippet required

My code :

$(document).on('knack-page-render.scene_35', function(event, page) {

  alert( $('#view_48 #field_172').val() );


The alert statement works if "field_172" is a text field.

The alert statement does not work if "field_172" is a multiple choice field. 

How do I read the value of "field_172" if it is a multiple choice field?

Thanks for you help,


Brilliant.... that works great.

Wish I had known about it earlier!


I'll work on that today and let you know if I was successful.

Hi Wouter,

Check out Stevan's work here http://helpdesk.knackhq.com/support/discussions/topics/5000019533 and take note of using Knack.models to grab data from the view rather than from view controls.

it might be something like (without testing):