Allowing the "OR" condition when defining the WHEN of a Form Rule

Currently the WHEN criteria in a Form Rule assumes AND logic. The problem is I need OR logic as well. Any chance this could be added in the future?

For example, I am creating a filter on a page of many records. I have a field called Filter # that I assign a value to (1 through 6). 1 = any name starting with A, B, C or D and 2 = any letter starting with E,F,G or H.

This would allow me to have a Filter Menu that has 6 filters (A-D), (E-H), (I-L), (M-P), (Q-T),(U-Z)

Then on the filter, I can say, if (A-D) is clicked, show anyone with a Filter # of 1.

Without the OR feature, I have to create a rule for every letter of the alphabet. With the OR feature, I only need 6.

I am sure there are others who would like the OR logic as well.

This would save so much time!

Yes, this will help us in many ways