Concern about (lack of) support

Dear Knack.

I have a general concern about your product and services. I have a pro-account that I am paying for - and when your service has issues, or I am having trouble I usually reach out. You state a 1-business-day response on your pricing page - that is what I expect to get from you…

Now I have an issue with a simple max-field that has worked for the last year - which suddenly stops working. this field is an essential part of my web-app.

Could you please state when I can expect support - and also whether it is possible to pay for additional support when you cannot deliver your promised support!

Hey Jeppe,

Thanks for reaching out, and we appreciate your patience as handle times are a little higher than usual.

We are working through our tickets quickly to get you the support you need and pay for. To shed some light on the Support world, we have hired a few new team members, and we’re hard at work getting these new Support Advocates up to speed to provide support promptly.

As you see changes in the product, we want to ensure that our Support Team is also evolving as well. We promise this is different from what it will be like moving forward; however, we appreciate your patience as we work through some changes.

Veronica - Director of Customer Success at Knack

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Hi Jeppe,

I’m experiencing the same frustrations. Fields that worked perfectly fine until 2 days ago and now don’t. Bigger frustration is that I’m not getting a response from Knack - just crickets :woman_shrugging:

Hey @ZapBaum60976 and @Jeppe . As Veronica said, we’re working really hard to get through the tickets in the order they came in, but if you would like to send us your ticket number here, we can have a look and make sure that it has been added to the correct priority list and will be seen to soon!

Hi Ally.

You have resolved my topic - by giving me a lot extra work in having to change the app I have made.

You should read what ZapBaum also says. You’re making changes in the app so fields that worked last week suddenly stops working. That is a very big pain to work with. I am having some doubts whether this platform is the right for me because I will most likely be running 6-8 apps within 6 months, and backtracking to find errors it a waste of my time…

Could you please give a little feedback why you made the changes so fields stopped working, and if you’re planning on doing that again anytime soon…

Venlig hilsen

Jeppe W. Jensen

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I am on a higher plan and the support isnt any better unfortunately. I have to communicate to users that certain functions wont work and there isn’t an ETA. I really do hope that the support actually does improve as it hasn’t since they said it would

Hi All,

We understand the frustration that this issue has caused, and it looks like we have found a better way forward here.

This change in how Max fields work was not intended. Our engineers are reviewing the issue and believe that they have found a solution which will bring back the old way that Max fields work without needing any changes on your end, however, we must wait until tomorrow (Monday) to release this to test it adequately.

As for any future changes, very rarely do we need to remove functionality and if we do, we will be communicating these changes in a timely manner.

Again, we appreciate your patience during this time!


Hi Veronica, thanks for taking this matter seriously - and solving our problems. however; i also hope that you have read the real matter of my initial post - that the support we pay for often do not match what Knack delivers. I understand if it at times can be hectic, in your end - but also hope that you will focus on that to make it better.! :slight_smile:


Hey Jeppe!

Yes, we hear you and we understand the urgency of SLA and take this seriously. We are doing our utmost to resolve the tickets as quickly as possible.

I also wanted to follow up with the the Max Fields solution. Our engineering team is working diligently to resolve the issue. We are rigorously testing the solution to make sure that it doesn’t introduce any unexpected changes for users.

Again, we appreciate your understanding as we get this issue resolved and get back on track with our support SLAs!

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