Support issues

I have submitted several different tickets and issues with knack using email, building help tickets, bug tickets, chat messages… I am not hearing back and I’m getting concerned as this is not the service I’ve received in the past 8 years. Is anyone else having issues with support?


Hi @Amy1 - Yes, I’m also seeing the same. I can only assume that the recently announced upgrade is soaking up customer support resource. I have been in discussion with other Knack Partners who are experiencing very similar issues. I raised a ticket four days ago and am yet to receive a reply.

Me too. I’m sure they’re swamped.

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Yes they screwed everyone’s apps and are now overwhelmed. Another super poor rollout by Knack.

I’ve been in conversation with various senior team members at Knack this week, as I’m also suffering from the same issues across multiple clients, I totally understand the frustration.
I’m also aware that this migration is unprecedented for the team and there have been some challenges. I have been advised that the team are working on this as a priority.

Dont worry the devs are looking into all your problems and mine…Really, what a joke its been recently. Support is just terrible to be frank. It might be an idea for knack to have account managers, at least we would have someone we know and thought cared about our mission critical apps instead of busting them with upgrades all the time, then when they do bust them, there is no one to turn to apart from some faces that seem powerless to really do anything. Correct me if Im wrong. Id love to hear how this is not going to repeat itself in the future. Im at a point already where I am searching the internet for other software. Trouble is knack is good but you can’t keep doing this to customers, we need fast support and fixes when things go wrong.

Yes we’re in the same boat. Would really like to keep using Knack but find myself looking for alternatives on a weekly basis now. If anyone has any tips please let me know. Most promising option so far seems budibase but they lack support for a signature field in the current version.