Tired of promises and no delivery!

I’m steadily losing any confidence in Knack. There’s much rhetoric over better support and more focus on support tickets. When in fact is getting worse.

Guy’s seriously look into your support systems. Im now engaging in other low-code platforms ONLY because of this issue. 4 days now and not even a reply. Your support bot might help the very very very basic questions but isn’t a professional solution.

Im not being a Karen. I’m just seriously disappointed in your platform support.

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Hi Phil! Can you please give me your ticket number so I can take a look?

I do see a ticket about the record count issue under a Phil Wesley, but I don’t know if that’s your ticket or not. If it is, I see that Max did reply on 06/16 to let you know that this is a known issue that we are working with our Engineering team on. We don’t have an update from our Engineering team yet but I have pushed on this again just now.

Is that your ticket?

Hi Ticket 1694243408


Director, Wasabi Digital
Phil Wesley-Brown



Thank you, Phil! It looks like that was the ticket I saw earlier. We received it at around 9 PM on 06/15 and responded to it at around 4 AM on 06/16 (see screenshot). Moving forward, we will make sure to send follow-ups regardless if we have any updates yet or not.

I do see that you have another ticket for the same issue that you’ve been in communication with Cesar on. I am personally monitoring that escalation ticket for you, and will do daily follow-ups until we get solid next steps.


I have had really great experiences with support. I think probably it would be a good idea to list in the plan features page SUPPORT response times clearly under their headings so people can easily see that Basic support would be a 1-2 days response time. I think most people simply support to be almost immediate. Just a tip for your landing page.