Concern about (lack of) support

Hi @Joakim - I’ve sent a message to @Ally in support to see if she can look into this one for you. :eyes:

Hey @Joakim and @CarlHolmes

Thanks for the ping! Sorry, I was on leave so I did not see these messages! I hope that this has been attended to in the meantime.

@Joakim - are you able to please send me a ticket number if this is still an issue for you and I can check into this and see what is happening.

Wouldn’t it make sense if you are on leave that there would be someone else to fill in for you. This is why people feel like there is a lack of support.

Hey Anand

You are absolutely correct, that is what should and what usually does happen. Unfortunately as this is our forum and not our official support channel (via your builder or by e-mailing ), any pings here would come to my personal inbox and not a support inbox like the others do. As always, those are out preferred method of giving timeous support to our customers.

We do have a new Community Manager, @Les , who is doing an amazing job on these forums and giving the high level of support that a lot of our customers have been seeing a huge improvement in!

I would love to pick your brain on where you feel we could still improve our service more - constructive advice is not only welcomed but celebrated. Please feel free to send me a message here and I will take it to our Director of Customer Success.

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