Support / Communication

Anyone else worried about the recent lack of communication from Knack? Maybe it's just me? I posted a comment on a community post a week ago, and it still hasn't been approved. Plus, overall, development and feature releases seems to have just stalled. Maybe I'm spoiled by some other active communities I've been a part of, or maybe I'm just too impatient.

Follow-up: I was contacted directly by Knack support explaining that the reason(s) is exactly what Julian said above. They have been knee-deep in development of a new builder. They even showed me a sneak peek, which was incredibly awesome. So, I can appreciate the explanation, but I think we all still need some more communication. We users are needy people...

Not just you. It's taking 24 hours to get a response, so my questions are taking days to be answered. It is very worrisome.

I'm hoping this is because of the major development project to update both the Builder and back end. See the roadmap page: