Knack's general vitality & competitiveness

As we rely a great deal here on for internal workflow / data, etc, and enjoy its use, this is not meant to be a negative comment, just curious - what is the health of the company? thoughts?

Any update on the Updates, Julian or Knack peeps?

Julian what did they show and talk about with what they are working on and changing?

You may be aware that Knack hosted a conference in London in November (KnackCon)...

At the event, they showed some screenshots (no live demo) of the reworked Builder and talked about some of the features they are working in the back end as well - and it all looked very impressive. I was also impressed with the team that attended - they seemed committed, very knowledgeable, and motivated to help customers make the most out of the platform.

There were also a number of customers presenting at the event and some of the solutions they had built were amazing.

As a member of the Builder Network, I have worked on quite a few Knack systems now - whilst I understand some of the frustrations I am generally finding that its been pretty reliable (apart from a total outage a week or so ago) and support is generally good.

Im so excited about the updates I just want to know approximately when they are coming.. We talking 1 month, 2 months, 3 .. ??.. I feel like the kid in the back seat yelling are we there yet..?? Can't wait.! As far as the comments I think a good solution would be something similar to the builder network but for the forum. Something low cost that could get your questions answered. I like to build all my apps but many times I have a few questions about how to do something and there aren't really any developers who will just give you advice they want project minimums etc. Knack support only covers so much and people on the board are hit and miss. I would totally pay a monthly fee for access to a knack expert who could answer my questions on demand, point me in the right direction, help me with code snippets etc. Or even a per use basis would be cool like $20-30 per question like fiverrr for Knack.. I dunno i think there is a solution here somewhere that could make the experts on the forum money and us mediocre guys happy and feel more supported.

That's personally something that has concerned me as well because of how much utilize their platform as an engine of sorts for the business. Up until today it's felt like they were pretty secretive about their roadmap, and I was unaware until today that they intentionally don't respond via the community due to being a small team.

I do think it would make more sense for their team to contribute as much as possible to the community forum, where the discussion would benefit many, rather than focusing exclusively on 1 to 1 interactions. But I understand where they're coming from.

The support has been unable to help diagnose many of the issues I've had. It feels like there's sometimes a pretty big disconnect between the bugginess/usability of Knack and the ability to provide support for those bugs and usability issues.

On the other hand, Knack is a powerful tool that can create some incredible things. I appreciate Jessie's response and reaching out via email with some more information. If what she's saying is true then it sounds like things will be getting better. I just hope some of the more noticeable issues don't get overlooked in favor of adding shiny new things.

Overall I'm very hopeful given the strength of the platform and Jessie's reassurance that big improvements are on the way. Can't wait!