KnackPros - Connecting Knack Developers and Clients

Hey everyone

I’m building a platform called KnackPros, which makes it easier for consultants and clients to connect in the Knack community.

I think the community could benefit from a feature-rich and structured way to make these connections happen. For example, a browsable list of consultants, ratings & reviews, rates, remote/not-remote filter, etc.

If this sounds interesting to you, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

What I wish Knack would do is hire someone to answer customization questions. This is a low-code platform specifically for people and companies who don't have a team of coders upgrading their in-house app/database. For a person who isn't a professional database expert or full-time coder that can create and build apps themselves. The problem is without that custom support you will usually end up having to hire a Knack expert which in the end is the same price as a custom coding professional so it defeats the purpose of using the platform in the first place you have simply shifted the investment.

A couple of times a month I usually have some issues I'm stuck on and can't figure out. About 1 out of 10 of my questions get answered on the board so that's pointless and most of my questions get shot down by Knack support because it falls outside what they support. So I am stuck researching something usually for 2 to 40 hours until I find a solution that a knack employee or knack expert could answer in about 5 minutes.

I've tried using the "Knack experts" in the Knack market place but almost all of them require project minimums of thousands of dollars to even talk or are too busy to bother with me.

It would be awesome if Knack hired one person whose full-time job is support on this board or privately. I'd even pay for this service. A monthly fee to get questions answered here and there. I don't need anyone to code for me or to do anything I typically just need an example script or a chunk of code or an answer as to the best way and i'm set.

Maybe you two guys can come up with a solution for this issue which I bet is extremely common in the Knack community.

Happy to discuss this would you email me