Applications Catalog (Feedback Request)

Hi everyone,

Our team has built an Applications Catalog. The catalog is a living library of your business systems and services to significantly strengthen operations across IT and business. Features include a dynamic landscape builder, integrations, agreements and costs, communication tools, policies and audit, events, reporting and so on.

The objective of this post is NOT to sell anyone here, but to ask if anyone is interested in offering some time to evaluate and provide feedback... before we continue our development expansion and our invest even more in our marketing efforts to sell, we would love to get some criticisms directly.

What can we offer in return? If you like it then we can provide you a current copy (again, at no charge of of course). If you don't like it, well, then we probably can't offer too much more than our thanks - but they will be very sincere thanks.

If interested, please contact me. All the best, Matt

PS - to the Knack admins, if this is not an appropriate place to make this post then no problem and we understand if it gets pulled.

Good morning Phil (and to all),

First and foremost a thank you and we would definitely appreciate the support. Please contact me at to start and I can provide a quick overview. Thanks again and all the best.

We've built a number of Knack impressive solutions, CSS/JS/API heavily modified. Be happy to critique and provide feedback. .

Apologies Ryan - I did not see your post previously. In any case, thanks to both of you and we would certainly appreciate it. Please send an email to and we can work thru there to get started.

Thanks again!

I would love to do some evaluating on an app like that. I am trying to build a similar app for my business so I could test it with my live business data. Thanks

Hi - I'd be interested in checking this out if it's still available. Thanks!