Feedback Request: would you like to see a plugin marketplace?

We're thinking about creating a formal plugin architecture where developers could create plugins for the Knack community to use.  

These plugins would be hosted by us but controlled through GitHub so you can easily make updates.

Knack users could browse and add these plugins right to their apps. Some could even potentially require payment.

A perfect example is very specific form inputs that aren't common enough for us to add as permanent field types.  Like a color picker, or a temperature display.

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I would like to see the ability to build plugins to extend Knack and add the missing bits quicker, I worked alot with Seblod which is a CCK using Joomla but a very powerful one and the great part was the ability to add anything and control nearly everything, such as discussed here about say youtube fields, vimeo fields, cut 'n' paste field for insert/upload, read only fields, and many many more and then as requested already people could also sponser plugin requests to get them developed.

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love it!


I like!

I concur nice idea


Yes ! what a good idea !


 I've built a very nice app to meet the FDA's GMP record keeping requirements.  I've seen weaker software sell for thousands of dollars.  

So, hell yes! 

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Great idea!

I posted a new topic yesterday. I suppose it needs moderator approval before being posted.

Hi Scott,

This sounds like a great candidate for our API & Customization Forum. You can post jQuery-related posts based on your findings along with questions to the community to help find your solution. I recommend you try adding a post here : API & Customization Forum

Yes. I'd like to display images in multiple choice option fields. I was told I can do it using jQuery so I am learning jQuery to accomplish this. I'd like to be able to post what I learn and my solution so others can benefit from it.

Yes please.


 I would be in favor of this!!!

This was a great idea! >> Knack Plugins Marketplace <<

Meaning the different templates already offered by Knack team and other plugins created by Knack experts could be pluged-in into an App. It would accelerate a lot an App development.

This idea was from Nov 2014. What is its status at this time?

Good question :raising_hand_man:- given the gap I’d say it got parked. I’ll see if I can find out more.

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I believe the Knack Builder is so generally well structured and fairly easy to use, that it could be the WordPress of softwares, with hundreds of plugins to choose from (free/paied).

Downloading a plugin or template with its objects, fields, and pages (?), saves a lot of time, even though the connections and rules creation/tunning have to be done after.

For Knack NO CODE platform, more easier for knack builders to easily integrate and build faster, and more clients satisfaction and growth will occure.

I spoke with Knack earlier this week, I can understand their concerns. It would be a HUGE project/undertaking. Its a great idea but there are a lot of complexities and management to consider since this was originally sugested, not to mention support. The quality a reliabilty of a plugin could have an adverse effect on Knacks infrastruture…lots to consider.