Survey: Knack Chrome Extension for the new Knack Builder

Hello everyone, 

My team and I are working on developing a chrome extension to add functionality to the new Knack builder. We are planning on including the following features in the first release:

  • Search/Filter Objects
  • View Object_Ids / Quick copy
  • Search/Filter Record Fields
  • Search/Filter Fields
  • View field Id / Quick copy

The extension is estimated to be release in a few months, and will be released publicly at no cost. It will also be an open source project, allowing other developers to collaborate.

We are looking for community input! What would you like to see included inside the new chrome extension? Please fill out our survey here:
You can also enter your email address into the survey to be notified when the project is released. (Email not required)

We are also looking for developers who would like to contribute. Contact me at if you have javascript skills, and a bit of free-time!

Hi Kelson, Just wondering how you are getting on with this? Any ETA ? tks Noel

If you are interested in helping beta test this chrome extension please reach out to

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I just wish those features could be built-in in the builder. Any plans for such features to be added @Steve?