Change Log

All changes to the Knack code base will be posted here: features, major bug fixes, and CSS.

FYI, we're going to start doing weekly (or biweekly) updates as individual posts, starting soon. Along with any major updates these will cover bug fixes, minor tweaks, optimization work, etc. In other words, much more detail than our big feature posts.

Thank you! Hope you figure it out soon. I've been taking some heat from my end-users about performance lately.

We're temporarily removing the "show all" option for record queries as we explore the impact on performance and work on streamlining how huge queries are processed. The new cap will be 1000 records.

Modal IDs and Classes

We changed an ID used in modals to allow for multiple modals to display and close correctly.

Instead of "#knack-page-modal" they are now indexed as: "#kn-page-modal-0".

They each now have a new class: "kn-page-modal"

OK, great, I was running into a multi column display with a view today!

Thank you,


Search Views are now rendering very similar to list/details views. They are using List Items so that they can be displayed in up to 3 columns.

We added JavaScript events for record deletes:

Calendar iCal times

In order to improve on local syncing we switched this from rendering in GMT time to rendering in the local time of the application and including that time difference with the iCal specification.

Connection Lookup Ajax Searches

Ajax searches now also apply to any connection lookups that have filters applied and the filtered records is greater than 500. Originally any filter look-ups preloaded all records regardless of the total number.

Date Field IDs

Similar to Timer Field IDs we are now including a view key with the IDs so there's no conflict if the same field is on multiple views in the same page.

So an ID for this:


Is now this:


Timer Field IDs

We had to change the timer field IDs to include the view that it's on. We discovered that if the same field was in multiple forms (or used with an inline edit) the previous IDs would be duplicated and not work correctly.

So an ID for this:


Is now this:


Form Rules

Major updates with form rules:

Along with form rules this affected a few other areas:

  • RichText Editor: we upgraded the plugin we use for rich text to the latest version. We're working through a few issues we noticed.
  • Task Emails: we've applied the same email upgrades with recipients and rich text to tasks that send emails.

Inline Editing Rich Text Fields

We're now using our larger modal window for editing Rich Text fields when you inline-edit from a table. This gives the Rich Text editor a lot more room to breathe.