Knack as a front-end and a noob API question

Hi all - we've been using Knack for a while for small apps but are investigating the possibility of utilizing Knack for larger scale things in our business.  Is it possible to use Knack as a kind of customizable "front-end"?  We currently have a software system that runs our business - can we use Knack as a way to design the user interface for generating quotes, send that data to our existing system, then after that quote becomes a contract retrieve that data from our system?  Would the data essentially be stored on our internal system and then also copied via API to Knack so it resides in both places or can Knack view data stored elsewhere?  Just curious.


Just to clarify - we can handle the Knack side ourselves, customizing the design, layout, etc.  What I'm curious about is how to handle the data going between Knack and our internal system.  

Hello Chris,


Using Zapier or custom software we can sync data between Existing app and Knack.



Sunny Singla


Hi Chris,

I work on heavily customising knack apps for a better front end (customer) experience. I can show you a few examples I have been working on and give you some a log in so you can have a look. Though I I dont want to share any log in info publically.

The amount we can do is quite a lot but might be worth a discussion.

please drop me a message