New Force Builder Update Disaster!

I'm stunned that there aren't more complaints here. I didn't find the old interface bad either, that said I'll move forward with progress but this is far from progress, this is a nitemare!

I've got two extensive Apps, JS/custom CSS and many objects and pages and action scripts.

The new builder interface isn't anywhere ready.

I can only imagine the vast majority of users are using simple spreadsheet apps, as this isn't now workable for a complex app.

Im totally gutted!!!! (to be blunt)


Perhaps this new builder is the problem we are seeing now.  We use the KNack API to post our client's sessions.  For the past several weeks the posts have not gone thru.  Now nothing gets thru and our trainers have to manually submit the sessions in Knack.  The only loggin error we see is "400: Bad Request"....not very helpful.  I've checked the API documentation and everything looks fine...there have been no changes on our end.  Is the new builder to blame?  


Bill Thorpe

Quite agree  - I pay over  $2000 a year and we depend on Knack - they don't even answer support emails anymore. 

The servers are slower than ever, we have had to downgrade our apps and as a programmer I am appalled

Email forms only work if they feel like it and we have had to go back to manual

If you comment in any more than a nice ask you are told we are aggressive. When your staff's jobs depend on an app this is not good enough.

If they are not careful everyone will go to Caspio.even if more expensive and complex.

I love Knack but clearly they do not like moaning customers who have good reason to moan.