Need More active Users in the Forum

It would be great if Knack got more involved as a company on the forums or if they hired someone like a builder to help out a little in here. Other Platforms are enticing me to move off of Knack because some of them may not be as good as Knack but they have a thriving community of support. It would be nice to have a way to get my questions answered outside of paying a builder.

I've yet to have a question answered yet or see a question I was hoping would get answered from another user on the forum. And every question I've asked support through the live chat just got me redirected here or to the builder network.

I had to pay $750 this month to get the map pins switch to a graphic. Would have been nice to have the community support to help me, But I was on a time crunch so I had to bite the bullet. I don't want to leave Knack, i've spent months building apps and learning this platform. However, I feel like im all alone here. Support won't help me with anything more than the basics. And they won't tell me when or what new platform updates are on the horizon like it's a trade secret. Honestly I would be giving everyone a heads up about what changes and updates are coming to Knack if I owned it, might keep someone like me interested and excited for change.

Russ contact me about the map pins

Roger, I'll second that - Knackcon was very exciting!

I think we need to remember that the community forum is a place for we users to help each other - it's not really intended as another means to engage with support. I try to respond when I can, as do several other users, and it seems to me that the volume of posts seems to be growing slowly which is encouraging.

Anyway, I also intend to continue building solutions for clients with Knack!

I attended KnackCon (London) last week - it was brilliant.

What is very clear from meeting some of the Knack team is that they are not ignoring us and they are genuinely passionate about the system and its users. This theme of support and sharing best practice was openly discussed at length and I think they will provide us with the tools we wish for going forward.

I have no doubts that I will be staying with Knack and look forward to all their new developments - some of which were very exciting.

Hey Tony,

Great point. I too haven't had any post answered, or any feature requests being fulfilled here, despite having a full corporate account.

In fact... we requested graphics for map pins like a year ago!! When we switched to knack that was one thing we lamentably lost. My feature request for that is buried here somewhere.

Any chance you can share how you got custom pins working? :-)


This is the first time I have really looked at the forum. I agree that Knack is inadequate when it comes to sharing ideas and fixes. They are either way to basic or too complex. I really need solutions in the middle. I run my company on KNACK, but I am not a programmer. I appreciate any useful trick or idea that makes our experience better. There are so many small things that make a huge difference. I will try to share more and see what happens.

The trello road map was useful for a good while but it does not seem to have been updated as regularly these days:

I hope you are right.... Sure would be nice for new guys like me who are still on the fence to go or stay to be informed about whats on the horizon... I've searched high and low for information about upcoming releases, templates from other companies I can use, alternative forums etc etc.

I am still a big fan of Knack and I am looking forward to Knackcon in a couple of weeks where I am hoping to address this very subject, generally speaking I have had some excellent support when I have asked for it, but I must admit that of late it all seems very quiet from the Knack side unless you start the enquiry.

There often used to be news about upcoming projects or features on here and facebook. A few years back users would ask for features and often they seemed to be implemented quite quickly, not so much anymore. The Trello road map seems to have died.

On these forums I often see Laura responding - one of the best Knacksters in my opinion but I agree there are a lot of unanswered questions and it can feel quite lonely at times. Generally speaking I stay off a lot of the forums because most advanced users give a too technical answer for me, using lots of code - I am a grass roots user only.

Im putting this quiet period down to them being very busy developing the new builder and my minor concerns will disappear.