Sending emails to Multiple Email Addresses

The feature of generating an email after a form is submitted is a frequently used one.
However, often a user would like to copy this alert email to multiple users.

Yet, today, we can only set up one email address field to capture one email addresses for sending emails in a form.

Thus, it would be great if an email address field can allow users to enter multiple email addresses for use in sending emails.

Another scenario is:
In a connected field that contains multiple names (hence each has an email address, so multiple email addresses) [=> many to many relationship]. We can send emails in a form to all of the names/email addresses. Currently, even we want to copy the email addresses to multiple individual email fields, there is no function for us to do so.

I use Integromat to send emails to multiple recipients where one parent record has many related line items of users. I appreciate this doesn’t help but I don’t think Knack will be changing this process anytime soon. :blush: