Auto send emails to suppliers

I would like to use the custom send email option to send to my suppliers and e-mail when I hit the submit button. The problem is that the TO field can only connect to an email field and this email field can only support one email address. I need to insert more than one e-mail address in the same field. Tries to use , and ; between the email address, but nothing.

Anyone have a work around for this? Im using a clients profile where I have under it an email field. Need to insert more than one address in the same field, basically.


You could also consider sending your emails using Zapier or Integromat.

I've built an app where I'm using Integromat to send both Emails and Texts to clients (depending on which are entered) - it even sends a message back to the user if there was an error and allows user defined text to be substituted within the messages.


Hello Guiherme,

You can do by creating a separate object and insert multiple records into this object using connection field or using custom JS functions.



Sunny Singla