Email on submit

Trying to automatically send email to 3 users when a new record (Organization) is submitted.


See if this Sending emails to Multiple Email Addresses - #4 by JulianKirkness
or this How to Send Emails to All Your Users Or a Specific User Role (Javascript/CSS) helps.

It sounds like using Make might be the way/“simpler” way to go and no doubt once you learn that you’ll find other ways to use it with Knack.

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No it doesn’t. Thanks anyway.

Hi Ed,

If users of your app submit a form to insert a new Organization record, you could implement an email rule to send a custom email with every form submission. Email rules will allow you to add multiple recipients.

To learn more about this, you can check out our article on Sending Emails.

Hi Les,
Thanks for the reply.
I’ve tried everything in that article.

I don’t see how to add the rule where upon submit send email to the following recipients (users).

Is this correct when an Organization is added?
When Organization “is not blank”?

Is there a way on the Add form to place a field, Multi-Choice Dropdown, to select recipient(s) before the submit button is presses and have it trigger the emails with link to the record?
Same for Edit form?

Ok. I have it all working now.
Is there a way on the email link to direct the recipient(s) to the Edit form for the new Organization record not the Add form which is blank.

Also, on the email rule…I don’t see a way to set the criteria to “if anything changed”?

For the link in your message body of your email rule, currently with native Knack functionality, you won’t be able to directly link to the edit form for the newly submitted record that triggered the email to be sent.

What you can do is add the field values that were submitted via the form in your email message body as you did above in your screenshot, and then also have a link in your message body to the grid view that displays the Organization records. They could use the keyword search or field filters in the grid view to find the record that needs to be edited (based on the field values shared in the received email), and then select an action link to edit the record (from the grid view).

I know that’s not what you were hoping for, but that is one way that you could go about accomplishing the goal of enabling your email recipients to edit the Organization record that was submitted.

As far as the criteria for “if anything changed”, if your form view is inserting new records, nothing should have been changed since it will be a newly added record to your Organization table.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for further help with your setup. They have the ability to take a look at your current build which will allow them to provide you more quickly with solutions to your app building goals. You can submit a support ticket via this form here.

Thanks for your help.
I’m almost there.

When the email is received by the recipient, it shows ALL the fields.
In my case the Organization table has about 30 fields which show on the email when received.

Is there a way to just send the link with no fields in the body of the email or specify which fields are to show in the body.
Nobody wants to look at a list of 30 fields in the email.

Other than that is working fine.

What about if anything changed in an edit form?

When you first add an email rule, the table’s fields should not be populated automatically into your message body. You can remove the table’s fields from the message body manually just by deleting them directly in the message body input.

In an edit record form view, you can apply the following operators to your “When” criteria:

Will the link to the edit form go into the body or how does the link get in the body of a custom email?

I tried that but there is no link bank to the

I got it working perfectly.
Thanks for all your help.

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