Released: 2 Bug fixes

Today, we released a fix that corrected an issue incorrectly put the value of 01/01/1970 as the result of Min/Max equation instead of the expected Min or Max date.

We also corrected an issue relating to multi-select fields that resulted in alphabetical sorting to be ABCabc (Apple, Banana, Carrot, apple, banana, carrot) instead of the expected: AaBbCc (Apple, apple, Banana, banana, Carrot, carrot).



Thanks for the update :+1:

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Does this also fix the bug where calculated null or 0 values are being set to 01/01/1970 for dates?

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@TechChrispin I’m not finding this exact issue - did you open a Support ticket with someone?

I opened a ticket with Ally. It appears that this is now a “feature” that blank date values in equations are represented as 01/01/1970. This breaks several of our formulas now for leaving Date Fields blank. Visually the equation shows the value as blank but the Date field does not. There is clearly disjointed display rules and logic for these fields (equations & dates). The default 01/01/1970 date should not apply unless we specify the field to use its default value. A Default value should not be represented the same as a Blank/Null value.


Thanks - will check on this


Hi @Kara and @TechChrispin — Any update on this? I’m trollling through the forum and knowledge base now and I don’t see that this has been resolved. Our Builder records are still showing defaults 1/1/1970. Fingers crossed this now has an update!!! :crossed_fingers:

Looks like as of June records, they are showing as blank again so it seems like they fixed and didnt notify us.

For the old records though you will need to force them to update with an additional conditional rule to set the date field blank if the equation is blank. You can either maintain this extra conditional rule or remove it once you update all your records.

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Hi, Amy!

I took a look into this issue, and the original issue has been mostly fixed, however, like in your case, there may be some rare instances where the 1970 date still populates. Would you mind reaching out to our support team and sharing your app’s case with them? This could provide our engineering team with further insight on how these rare cases occur in order to get the issue fully resolved.

Thank you for posting your request here, and I hope you have a great weekend! :slight_smile: