Date conditoinal fields stopped working today

We have numerous conditoinal fields that rely on dates that we’ve been using for over 3 years. As of this afternoon, they have stopped working, which coincided with Knack’s mass message about date functionality. Have others ran into this issue today? I sent in a support ticket, but I’ve had better luck coming to here. Very frustrating.

Hi @TonyAdragn12754 - I’ve not experienced any issues yet since the change. I have highlighted your post directly to Knacks Product Manager. Hopefully support will get back to you shortly or @Bill or @Marek will jump in. :+1:

Hi Tony, have you sent in a ticket to (in this case, could you let me know what’s the ticket number), or have you contacted us through the in-app messenger?

As far as the issue is concerned, so far we have received some reports of this behaviour and we’re investigating what’s going on - and we’d appreciate you sharing any details and links in the support ticket if you haven’t done so already. Thanks!

Hi @Marek - yes, I sent in a chat with this information. It’s from mcarson28.

Hi all,
To follow up on Marek’s note,
Our Support and Engineering teams are actively working on issues being reported to Support regarding changes seen with the Date/Time update. There will be hotfixes for bugs - the highest priority being the ‘is today’ and conditional rules issue right now.
Here is a link to the announcements page that also lists out expected changes and places to check rules and filters as a result of the release.
We’ll keep you updated -
Thank you,

Hope everyone is having a good Friday so far - we pushed out a few fixes related to the date/time release yesterday. Please open a ticket with support if you are still seeing any issues.

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Great to see such rapid feedback and resolution. Thank you @Kara :pray: