getDateWeek not working

Our application uses the getDateWeek(currentTime()) function to identify the week # that we are currently working in. The result of this is a number that the app compares to a topic number. If the current week number and topic number are the same, then the topic is displayed for our employees to review.

This is a “topic of the week” that we use as a theme for the week. We started the week between Christmas and New Year and it has worked very well. The number increments on each record at a little after 12 midnight each Sunday. It incremented on 1/1/23, 1/8/23, 1/15/23 and 1/22/23. However on 1/29/23 it did not increment and our topic of the week was the same as the previous week. To get around it, I go into the builder in the wee hours of Monday morning and manually touch the record that should be the topic of the week so it increments and then it displays correctly.

I logged this as a defect on 1/30/23 and did not hear anything. So I reached out to Knack on 2/6/23 and was told that it was being escalated. 5 working days and it’s just now being escalated. These are the types of things that drive the Knack Community crazy. Something that previously worked suddenly stops working and then disappears into a black hole after a defect is logged.

Does anyone else have something like this that just quit working?

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I have a similar situation. I have an app that is supposed to be displaying the “most recent date of connected records”. This App has been cruising along for months with no issues, suddenly a few days ago it decided to stop working. Now the only “most recent record date” that it will show its 01/06/1970. It is literally showing this date for all of my connected records. Of course my clients that use this App have been asking me for days to fix the problem. I have reported this to KNACK and received nothing back, I have tried repeatedly to fix it and nothing works, appears to be a sweeping system error. So frustrating!!!

Hi Steven,
Can you shoot a ticket number in here or in a DM so I can go grab and look into this for you? I’ve done some research on getdateweek issues recently and have a handful of things I’d like to look at, and if they don’t work I’d like to get it escalated ASAP.

My ticket # is


I looked over the records this AM and it looks like something updated the records at 9:21 on 2/7/23 so they all show the correct value now. The key will be if this occurs early Monday AM by itself.

I received an email this AM from Knack Support that the problem has been corrected. I’ll verify this next Monday (2/13/2023).

Excellent! Please do follow up. It does look good to me as well, but if anything deviates we’ll need to know.

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Hello Bill,

Thank you for reaching out. I used the messenger system to report the issue, a respresentative named Jordan already got back with me and fixed the problem.

Thank you, Steve Vazquez

The records were updated on Sunday so we have (1) occurrence where things have updated properly. I’ll continue to monitor. It is interesting that when I first created this functionality the updates ran a little after midnight every Saturday night/Sunday morning. Then the updates stopped running and now they are running Sunday morning at 7:00 AM.

This issue just re-occurred. Not sure how/why. I have logged a ticket 1657509178.

Hey Scott

So sorry that you are running into this bug again, how frustrating!
Thanks for providing your new ticket number. I’m on it and have sent it through to the Tech Wizards!