Sum not working (rounding?) as of 1/31/2023

We use a sum function in Knack to calculate the total # of requested days off and also the total # of approved days off. The detail records are in a “time card” table that contains all of the time worked and time not worked. We allow individuals to take either full day or 1/2 days off. We use a binary indicator in the time card table and a record rule to indicate 1/2 days off to help calculate the # of days off in each time card record.

This has worked very well for several years. However in November 2022 the sum function started summing all of the records not just the time off records for individuals. After a couple weeks this was corrected and things returned to normal. However starting 1/31/2023 the sum function started adding the 1/2 day records as full days. The record rule and values are still correct in the time card record, but when they are summed up in the Accounts table, we get whole values. It’s almost like the 1/2 values are getting rounded up before they are summed.

I logged a defect (#169876) and have followed up but there hasn’t been any resolution from Knack. Has anyone else seen anything strange with the sum function recently?

Thanks for posting about this one Scott. I do see we’re in the middle of working it, just needed that bit of extra permission that was requested. Hopefully we’ll have a resolution for this for you soon, but if anyone else has a similar error they’re running into more information is always better than less.

This issue was corrected 2/20/2023. Unfortunately I was not notified, I made a habit of checking the totals on the records every day and when I checked on 2/20, things were correct. I’m still wondering how a sum function can work for years and then suddenly stop working correctly…