Simple Balance sheet/Running Balance

Help Please.  I am trying to create what I thought would be an easy database on Knack. I have to track overtime hours that personnel work on the fire department. The formula is as simple as this:

Beginning balance + how many hours worked = balance

balance + how many hours worked = New balance

and this just keeps repeating.

The problem seems to be that you can't carry a balance from one record to the next. I am aware of the SUM function in Pages but that does not help my scenario. The SUM function does give me a balance, but it wont show everyones balance in one view. It will only show me the balance for one person, then you have to select another individual to see that persons balance. I would like the view to show all the personnel at the same time with their balance next to their name. Is there no way to accomplish this with Knack.  Example:

Joe Smith - 30 hrs

John Doe - 30. 8 hrs

Bill Someone - 45 hrs

Thanks for any help!!

Both excellent suggestions. Thank you! I have my database up and  running. 


Create two connected table:

One for Employees

Second Time Work Sheet.

Connect time Work sheet to employees table.

Time sheet will be like this:

Start Balance (numeric value) , Start Time (time)and End Time (time)  Fields.

Create a numeric function to calculate how many hours worked 

Create a numeric function called End Balance to calculate the total of start balance and total hours worked.

To show the total of the hours according to each employees, just add in the employees table a function to show the maximum number on the time sheet and that is the latest ending balance.

Hope this help.




Thank you for the suggestion. I am giving it a try right now, early results are that you solved my problem, but I will keep you posted. Thank you!


Hi Steven, one simple solution would be to utilise a SUM field in the User Accounts object.